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Today we have an important message from Alan Higham of the Lancs Action Group. They’re organising a campaign to resist the impending changes to the county championship. Anyone can get involved, whoever you support, simply by filling in their short survey below. Every little helps so please help! County Cricket Matters and other publications / blogs are doing their bit so I’d love TFT readers to contribute as well. Thanks.

The ECB, fans, counties, players and the media all agree that the cricket schedule is a mess.  There are too many games and too many formats asking too much of the players, spectators and the ground staff!

The schedule was always challenging but since the Hundred was added last year, it is simply ridiculous. The easy solution to just remove the Hundred won’t even be mentioned so what is being considered by the ECB big-wigs amidst Strauss’s “High Performance Review”?

Multiple media reports suggest a drop from 14 to 10 first class county matches is a favoured option. That would leave county fans just 5 home first class matches a year, probably in April and September.

Next year’s Ashes Tests are due to complete before the end of July.  Are they really going to schedule no first class cricket at all to speak of during the school summer holidays?  What a disgrace if they do!

Hence, I’m organising a grassroot campaign to give cricket fans a say before it is too late.  County members own 15 of the 18 counties. We have until the end of September to gather together enough people to say no to any further reductions in the first class game.  Otherwise, the counties will just decide it all quietly during October/November whilst we are worrying about our fuel bills.

Across the counties, fans are handing out leaflets and sharing the survey online to gather support to insist that their county respects their views and states its position on the schedule before the season ends.  

Every cricket fan can give their view in the short survey below. You don’t have to be a member but we would like to know if you are.

Alan Higham


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