azuma makoto launches digital NFT bouquet shop ‘META FLORIST’


personal botanical creations by azuma makoto


Flower artist Azuma Makoto opens a virtual shop dubbed META FLORIST, which specializes in the creation and sale of NFT digital flowers. The project is led by ‘Azuma Makoto Flower Center (AMFC),’ the visual production division of the experimental botanical collective ‘Azuma Makoto, Kaju Kenkyusho (AMKK).’


META FLORIST is an online gift service that issues and sells a limited numbers of NFTs, or ‘digital bouquet.’ These virtual floral arrangements can be sent to loved ones together with a message, or can be enjoyed as a collection for yourself. Even those who are unfamiliar with NFTs — or those who don’t own a crypto currency — are invited to access the digital bouquet as a standard online purchase through a dedicated META FLORIST Wallet App.

images courtesy Azuma Makoto Flower Center (AMFC)



find your own at the meta florist shop


Three digital bouquets with a limited edition of 100 each were simultaneously released alongside the launch of Azuma Makoto’s META FLORIST shop on September 30th, 2022. Going forward, new releases will be announced in sequence on Tuesday, October 18th and Monday, October 24th. The team writes: ‘These future bouquets will be the first NFT ‘digital bouquets’ created by Azuma Makoto, a globally active flower artist.’ The three available bouquets at the META FLORIST shop can be purchased for $25 USD.

azuma makoto meta florist

azuma makoto meta florist azuma makoto launches digital NFT bouquet shop 'META FLORIST'

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