A Short Guide for Betting on Cricket


Dating back to the 16th century, cricket is one of the oldest sports out there, and it is no wonder it accumulated a large number of fans all over the world. Besides watching the games and cheering for their favorites, more and more cricket fans also engage in betting on different competitions that take place year-round. If you happen to be new to the world of cricket betting and you’d love to try it out, take a look at the following tips that will help you make the most of it.

Find a Reputable Site

If you’re eager to start betting, first you need to find a trustworthy platform that offers sports betting, and includes cricket in their offering. Next, you need to make sure that you’ve picked a licensed bookmaker whose work has been approved by proper regulatory bodies. Even though you can do lots of research on your own, turning to a third-party review site like  www.onlinegamblingsa.co.za  remains one of the most efficient ways to find reputable online gambling providers without any hassle. Such platforms will help you evaluate different providers based on relevant criteria and easily spot the one that works best for your needs. Once you pick the site you’d like to join, make sure it includes all the leading cricket leagues and tournaments. 

Make Use of Bonuses

Since betting on cricket is in high demand, there are many bonuses offered by the top operators. The majority of them treat new players with welcome bonuses, but there are many other prizes that the existing members can also claim. For instance, you can make use of free bets and reload bonuses, and with some operators, you can even work your way up and become a VIP member with access to exclusive promotions. Such freebies can help you score some great wins by investing very little or no money at all. 

Understand the Odds

Cricket, like all other popular sports featured in bookie listings, comes with particular betting odds that define the payouts whenever someone wins. In fact, if you bet on cricket, the bookmakers come up with the winnings by multiplying the odds with the amount of the wager you placed. That is why you should always stick to the websites offering the highest betting odds. But besides the value of the odds, you should also pay attention to their format. Ideally, the platform should allow you to switch to your preferred format, be it Decimal, European, American, or any other type. 

The Top Bets Available

In order to keep betting on cricket successfully, you need to have a good understanding of some of the most important bets out there:

Winner Bets

Winner bets, also known as outright bets, are the option you can use when you wish to predict the winner of a match, a series, or a tournament. This is surely the most straightforward type of cricket bet you can opt for since all you need to do is pick a team that is more likely to win. However, in order to do it right and have good chances of winning, you should do at least a little bit of research on both of the teams. 


The over/under betting option is all about predicting the number of runs or wickets in a single match. Whichever game you’re looking to bet on, your task will be to predict whether the total number will be somewhere under or above a particular value. For example, if an operator publishes that the number of runs is likely to be 285.5, you can bet under if you believe that the teams will not perform that many runs during the event. If the number of runs stays under 285.5 by the end of the match, your bet wins. 

Player Bets

As the name suggests, the player bets give you a chance to bet on the performance of a single player. Even though it seems easy, this method also requires research in order to be successful, but this time it can be narrowed down to just one person, instead of an entire team. Also, you should not allow emotions to take control of your decisions in case you’re a big fan of some of the sports stars. If you decide to test this strategy, you can bet that a particular player will achieve a number of different things including becoming the top bowler, the man of the match, scoring the most runs, and many others. 

The popularity of cricket has been stable ever since it emerged, and fans across the globe are constantly looking forward to new tournaments where they can try their luck through different bets. Now that you learned all the essential information about betting on cricket, you are ready t join the hype and have some fun in the process.

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