5 DIY Plant Stand Ideas That Are Actually Furniture


“I strongly recommend planning out your plant-planter combinations before putting them on the shelf,” Catsumpas says. Why do this? “Because you may be limited by the amount of space in each shelf gap.” Catsumpas leaves enough space between plants so they are not crowded. He selected plants that were no more than six inches tall. Moreover, the taller the plant, the smaller the vessel he’d pick. Consider what plants you place on the taller shelves, as these may be hard to reach. Catsumpas recommends using drought-resistant plants up high.

Blooming table 

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This plant table DIY is one of the easiest to make. Annika Marie in Portland always wanted a blooming table, so she made one. “I happened to come across a little table for free on the side of the road,” she says. “The table had a loose glass top resting on a wood frame, and it was the perfect size.” But antique shops and Facebook Marketplace are other great places to find a table that can work for this DIY.

To make this blooming table, you’ll need:

Step 1: Make the table plant safe

Marie found a 12×24″ perforated stainless steel sheet at a hardware store. She then cut this to size and attached it to the underside of her table’s frame with screws. “This material is sturdy enough to hold up the plants,” she says. “But it’s also really moldable and allows for drainage.”

Step 2: Prop up the glass

“I needed to keep the glass propped up enough to leave room for the plants, so I got some small wooden furniture legs and some rubber stoppers,” she says. These she screwed in upside down into the top of the table frame. “Then I placed the rubber stoppers on top of them to protect the glass. Unusual, but it worked!” 

Step 3: Add the gravel and plants

Spread gravel over the perforated stainless steel sheet. This prevents the soil from falling out. Then Marie added the soil and planted all her succulents. Since the steel sheet has holes, even with the gravel in place, Marie suggests that you lift the glass top and water with care. “Place the blooming table in the shower or outside, letting it fully drain before putting it back.” Luckily, as the plants don’t need much water, you can perform this task only as needed.

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